Safety Comes First at Solaris

We care about the communities where we operate, and we strive to make the process of hydraulic fracturing safer and more efficient. We expect our employees, field operators and subcontractors to comply with all federal, state and local regulations; adhere to best practice standards; and embody our corporate values of teamwork, accountability, safety, integrity, transparency and efficiency. Solaris is committed to responsible citizenship, and our patented technology reflects this commitment.

Smaller Footprint, Safer Well Site

The Mobile Proppant Management System's compact footprint increases space on location and thereby improves well site safety. By occupying up to 50% less space on a well site than conventional proppant storage equipment, the Mobile Proppant Management System creates a significant amount of additional space for oilfield vehicles, infrastructure and workers to maneuver through and operate in an active work zone.  

Enhanced Well Site Lighting

A self-contained industrial LED lighting system on the top of the silo system produces 56,000 lumens per silo, reducing the need for additional lighting on a well site and creating a safer work environment during 24-hour operations. We direct the LED lights downward from the top of the silos to reduce light pollution in communities where our customers operate and improve lighting on site.

Department of Transportation Compliant

We fabricate our entire silo system—transport trailers, base units, conveyors and silos—to meet all Department of Transportation oversize-load requirements. This allows us to safely transport our system on all highways, smaller access roads and unpaved service roads and avoid arranging special transport or complex routes.