Solaris is constructing the first independent, high-speed, unit-train capable transload facility dedicated to the STACK and SCOOP plays in central Oklahoma. The Kingfisher Facility will initially provide proppant transloading services, but will also have capacity to provide transloading services for other drilling and completion related consumables.

The Kingfisher Facility, located in Kingfisher, Oklahoma, is designed to serve multiple large-volume customers with dedicated storage and unit-train loop tracks, as well as direct rail-truck transloading. The facility will help operators and service companies reduce logistics costs by virtue of its high-volume capacity and proximity to well sites. Proppant volumes have been rising – even as commodity prices have fluctuated over the past several years – largely driven by improved well productivity from greater proppant loadings. The STACK and SCOOP are already among the most economic oil basins for operators in the U.S., and the Kingfisher Facility will further improve well economics that support added investment by customers.

The facility is located directly on the Union Pacific Railroad line. Construction is underway and the first proppant delivery is scheduled for January 2018. The initial construction will include an 8,000 foot unit-train loop, 30,000 tons of high efficiency silo storage and an additional 18,000 feet of rail sidetrack. The vertical silo storage will consist of six (6) silos with individual capacity of 5,000 tons per silo.

Please contact for additional information regarding obtaining transloading capacity at the Kingfisher Facility. 

Kingfisher Groundbreaking

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