Solaris designed the Mobile Rail-to-Truck Transload System to provide high-capacity, mobile rail site sand storage to the industry because most rail sidings today lack adequate sand storage capacity, other than the rail cars on the track.

"Rolling storage" leads to high rail demurrage expenses and inefficient rail car unloading and truck loading operations. Our Mobile Rail-to-Truck Transload System solves these issues by immediately adding 5-10 million pounds of additional storage capacity at a rail site, which relieves rail demurrage and can help an operator or pressure pumper avoid sending incoming sand to another facility due to lack of storage capacity. Like our Mobile Proppant Management System, our high-efficiency transloading system can be easily mobilized for transport via trailer truck to another rail siding.

Increased Transloading Efficiency

By adding 5-10 million pounds of additional proppant storage at a rail siding, the Mobile Rail-to-Truck Transload System can unload 25 railcars in eight to ten hours and provide truck loadouts in seven to eight minutes. Each system is capable of monthly transload volumes of more than 20,000 tons of sand. This makes for more rapid transloading, relieves rail demurrage and ensures that operators and pressure pumpers can keep up with today’s faster and higher intensity well completions.

Inter-Basin Mobility

The mobility of the Solaris Mobile Rail-to-Truck Transload System allows operators and service providers to move sand storage capacity according to demand. With our system, storage capacity can be easily rigged down and moved to the most economic areas of a particular basin, rather than remaining permanently installed at one rail siding.