Redefine Blending

Solaris’ AutoBlend Integrated Electric Blender combines the operation of the blender with sand, water and chemical storage into one all-electric, automated control system. 

With built-in redundancy, it reduces personnel on location through remote operations, eliminates the T-Belt conveyor, hopper and screws, optimizes footprint and mitigates dust on location, removing problematic traditional blenders from the wellsite to reduce costs and increase efficiency. 

AutoBlend Features

  • Remotely Monitored
  • All-Electric Design
  • Eliminates T-Belt, Hopper and Screws
  • 3 Blender Tubs
  • 125 Barrels per Minute
  • 20k+ lbs./min Sand Ingestion per Tub


Reliability Through Redundancy

Our goal is to keep your operations running with 0 NPT. Solaris’ AutoBlend is all-electric, which allows power to be sourced from a generator or the same source used for an electric fleet, and is built with 3 independent tubs, which adds redundancy to increase reliability. Different from traditional blenders, which in case of failure the whole unit needs to be replaced, incurring in NPT, with AutoBlend even if one tub stops working, your operation doesn’t stop.

Compact Through Integration

AutoBlend integrates with Solaris’ storage systems to optimze your wellsite operations. By eliminating the T-Belt conveyor, hopper and screws, and integrating with Solaris Proppant and Fluid Management Systems, our solutions allow multiple layout configurations depending on your pad design and capabilities. It also eliminates the need of having a replacement unit on site, resulting in lower costs, higher efficiency and smaller footprint requirements.

Safety Through Automation

Safety is in the forefront of our technology development and it is no different with AutoBlend. Its automated control system allows the blending operation to be remotely monitored from the data van, removing personnel from high-risk areas and increasing safety. AutoBlend is also equipped with built-in silica dust control system so you can safely operate within all silica dust regulations.