Redefine Storage

Replace conventional storage and delivery methods, such as frac tanks, ISO tanks and dozens of totes on flatbed trailers, with water and chemical silos to optimize footprint and execution.

Combined with our Proppant Management System and AutoBlend™ Integrated Electric Blender, we provide an integrated wellsite solution that increases efficiency while lowering costs.

Optimize Footprint   |   Customize Configuration   |   Remotely Monitor Inventory

Fluid System Overview

System Specifications

  • Water silo = 800 bbl.
  • Chem silo = 27,000 gal.
  • 3-pack footprint = One 500 bbl. frac tank (12’ x 55’)
  • Dimensions (3-pack): 55’ L x 54’ H x 12’ W
  • Twenty-four 4” flapper valve connections
  • Fill/recirculating and cleanup line per compartment

System Features

  • Electric Powered
  • 100% Usable Volumes
  • Radar Telemetry
  • More Transfer Points
  • Vapor Detectors
  • 8” Quick Connect Main Line
  • Multiple Pump Configurations
  • Multiple Sized Flow Meters And Hose Reels

Optimize Footprint
Our systems provide increased inventory capacity and control in a smaller footprint when compared to traditional storage and delivery methods, as seen in the image. Additionally, our vertical silos provide 100% usable volumes and hydrostatic head to improve operating efficiency.

Customize Configuration
Our silos are customizable and flexible to allow different combinations of water, chemical and other product storage systems based on pad design and size.

Remotely Monitor Inventory
With Solaris Lens® Inventory Management Software you can remotely monitor chemical inventory levels at each silo, get detailed information on pump rates and ratios, as well as a comprehensive summary on the chemical system.