A Revolutionary Vision for the Low-Pressure Wellsite Operations

Solaris’ revolutionary integrated solution, replaces the traditional blender as we know it. Our all-electric solution helps reduce personnel on location up to 80% due to remote operations, eliminates the T-Belt conveyor, shrinks footprint and mitigates dust on location, providing our customers an ESG friendly answer to optimize their low-pressure wellsite operations.

High-Level Specifications

  • 125 Barrels per minute
  • Greater than 20k lbs/min sand ingestion per tub
  • 3 blender tubs
  • Dry and liquid additive capabilities
  • 3 500KW gensets with paralleling capability
  • 800kW required for Blender & Sand Silos
  • Built-in redundancy
  • Operates from the data van
  • Automated single integration control system
  • Custom remote-control software
  • All-electric design allows power to be sourced from a generator or the same source used for an electric fleet