Redefine Wellsite Performance

Solaris Integrated Solutions deliver comprehensive, automated systems combined with customer-centric field services and turnkey last mile logistics, optimizing your wellsite’s safety, efficiency and execution.

The Solaris Difference

Maximize the value of your footprint with tailored, integrated solutions. Our patented equipment revolutionizes the way proppant, water and chemicals are delivered, loaded, stored and processed at your wellsite.

Increase safety and efficiency through automation, machine learning and real-time monitoring. Our automated system allows our equipment to be monitored and controlled remotely from the data van, reducing silica dust exposure by removing people from potentially high-risk areas while providing real-time inventory data at your fingertips.

Reduce NPT and truck demurrage with round-the-clock field services, dedicated customer support and turnkey last mile logistics. Driven by Solaris’ values and culture, our field technicians and logistics team are on duty to perform active preventative maintenance and ensure your operation never stops.

Our Solutions

Proppant Management System
Maximize the value of your footprint with an all-electric, fully automated system with advanced silica dust control technology.

Fluid Management System
Replace conventional frac tanks and ISO containers with silos to maximize usage and optimize footprint through customizable configuration.

AutoBlend™ Integrated Electric Blender
Integrate blending with proppant and fluid storage into one all-electric, automated control system to increase reliability.

Top Fill Sand Loading System
Revolutionize sand delivery with a new, faster alternative to sand loading at the wellsite, resulting in lower cost per ton and reduced carbon footprint.

AutoHopper™ Automated Sand Delivery
Increase safety and efficiency by automatically controlling the pace of sand delivery from silos to blender, preventing spillage and removing personnel from high-exposure area.

Solaris Lens® Inventory Management Software
Manage consumption rate and inventory levels from mine to blender anywhere, anytime with real-time monitoring.

Last Mile Logistic Services
Reduce trucking demurrage and non-productive time with reliable last mile logistics service, dedicated round-the-clock support and real-time tracking.

Customer-Focused Field Services
Get round-the-clock support, preventative and predictive maintenance, training and troubleshooting, and ensure reliability of your systems.