Redefine Inventory Monitoring

With Solaris Lens® you can manage consumption rate and inventory levels with belt scales and real-time monitoring from mine to blender anywhere, anytime.

Vendor-to-blender monitoring

Critical data enabling logistics and dispatch teams to operate more efficiently, minimizing demurrage and optimizing the timing of deliveries.

Real-time consumption rate

Maximize use of Solaris’ Proppant Management System by hot loading during pumping operations through belt scales technology and Solaris Lens Inventory Management Software, providing real time inventory and precise sand consumption rates.

Real-time inventory data

Real-time inventory levels at various stages of the supply chain, from mine to wellsite, by mesh size, fill and unload rates in each silo, and number of trucks carrying inventory in transit, at the wellsite or on route to the mine or transload.

View anywhere

Inventory data and consumption rate are visible both at the wellsite and remotely via any browser or the Solaris Lens mobile app.