Digitalization of the Supply

As the U.S. oil and gas industry continues to transition towards manufacturing-style development of resource plays, operators and service companies are looking for new ways to bring technology to their supply chains.

Solaris Lens™, A Vendor-to-Blender Supply Chain View

Solaris Lens™ replaces our legacy PropView® inventory management system and provides end-to-end supply chain visibility from the loading facility to the wellsite in real-time. This new platform includes significant improvements that enable users to have greater control over their sand supply, without having to switch between multiple applications.

Solaris Lens provides critical real-time data enabling logistics and dispatch teams to operate more efficiently, with the goal of minimizing demurrage and optimizing the timing of deliveries. The platform provides real-time inventory levels at various stages of the supply chain, visible both at the wellsite and remotely via any browser or the Solaris Lens mobile app. Data available at a glance includes inventory levels at the mine and wellsite by mesh size, fill and unload rates in each silo, and number of trucks carrying inventory in transit, at the wellsite or at/en route to the mine or transload.


Railtronix provides inventory control and business intelligence solutions for proppant-handling facilities including mines and transloads. Product is tracked in real time while moving through the railroad, as well as once it is stored at the facility. Railtronix also creates the truck bills of lading, providing facilities and their customers with a digital record of all activity.

Railtronix provides flexible integrations with external systems, allowing all stakeholders to gain the necessary visibility and reduce manual reconciliation and data processing.