Our industry-leading Mobile Proppant Management System increases well completion efficiency while reducing truck demurrage, lowering costs, reducing silica dust on site and creating safer wellsite operations. 

Increased Storage Capacity, Smaller Footprint

The standard Solaris Mobile Proppant Management System is a six-silo system that provides 2.5 million pounds of wellsite proppant storage in the footprint of two flatbed trailers. Solaris' six-silo system contains three times the on-site sand storage capacity in half the space of a conventional SandKing system. Our system's unique design allows us to tailor its size and configuration in 1.25 million pound (3-silo) increments to meet the specific needs of every frac job. Our 12-silo system provides 5 million pounds of proppant storage and can deliver sand at an average rate of 23,000 pounds per minute. 

More Frac Stages, Faster Completion Times

Our system allows up to 24 frac sand trucks to simultaneously unload proppant into six silos, even during pumping operations. Greater unloading capacity during all stages of frac operations means our customers never have to shut down operations to wait on sand. With the combined benefit of our systems and well-planned wellsite processes, we’ve seen our customers reduce time between stages to as little as 30 minutes and have seen up to a 50% increase in the number of stages pumped per day when compared to traditional sand handling methods. 

Increased Mobility, Easy Setup

The Solaris Mobile Proppant Management System was designed to be highly mobile and easy to rig up and down on site. Silos are erected and lowered using our patented transport trailers. The standard system includes six sand silos, two base units and a central conveyor. It requires nine truckloads for transport, and our entire system can be rigged up or down in less than three hours. Like all Solaris cargo, our transport trailers meet Department of Transportation oversize-load requirements, so a pilot car is usually not necessary. This enables us to efficiently move the silo system on all highways, small access roads and even dirt service roads.

Truck Demurrage Reduction

Well site truck demurrage is a costly issue for operators and pressure pumpers. The Solaris Mobile Proppant Management System relieves demurrage better than any other wellsite sand storage solution. Our system's increased storage capacity and its ability to simultaneously load and unload silos improves frac sand truck flow and reduces idle truck time.

Automated Control via AutoHopper

Our AutoHopper technology automatically controls the pace of sand delivery from the silos in the blender based on the rate of sand consumed at the blender. The AutoHopper system uses machine learning to triangulate rate based on the blender screw speed and variations in the level of sand in the hopper to predict sand needs on a real-time basis. This means the labor required to operate our system is essentially zero, as the individual in the frac van or at the top of the blender by default is also operating the belts from the silos.   

HS&E Benefits 

Safety begins with reducing the number of workers on an active wellpad. Reducing personnel on a wellpad during operations reduces traffic on site and makes for safer, more organized wellpads. Our AutoHopper system removes the need for personnel on the wellsite to visually operate our sand delivery system reducing any potential exposure to silica dust, and our system is also fully enclosed, including at the blender hopper when AutoHopper technology is used. 

Our systems are equipped with filtration technology on top of each silo, which filters and collects dust, automatically returning it back into the silo. Ultimately, it is pumped downhole so that silica waste is not disposed separately.

Finally, we equip each system with industrial grade LED lighting system that points directly downward. This lighting system creates a safer work environment during 24-hour operations, eliminates the need for additional lighting on site and reduces light pollution visible in surrounding communities.

Logistics Flexibility With Our Non-Pneumatic Kit

Our non-pneumatic kit is available as an add on to any of our Mobile Proppant Management Systems. Our non-pneumatic kit can unload a belly dump truck in an average of 10 minutes while maintaining the system’s native ability to receive pneumatic truckloads as well. Our design takes up less footprint than many of the competing non-pneumatic systems that require long belts and is more reliable than both bucket elevator and belt-based systems.