Redefine Storage

Maximize the value of your footprint with an all-electric, fully automated system with advanced silica dust control technology. 

Increased Storage Capacity, Smaller Footprint

Our systems configuration provides increased inventory capacity and control in a smaller footprint when compared to traditional storage and delivery methods. The standard 6-pack provides 2.5 million pounds of wellsite proppant storage in the footprint of two flatbed trailers, which is three times the capacity in half the space of a conventional SandKing system, and we can store up to 5 million pounds of proppant storage with a 12-pack to deliver sand at an average rate of 23,000 pounds per minute. 

Higher Execution Rates

Achieve faster completion times and simul-frac success increasing the number of stages pumped per day when compared to alternative sand handling methods. Our system allows up to 24 frac sand trucks to simultaneously unload proppant into six silos, even during pumping operations. Greater unloading capacity during all stages of frac operations means you never have to shut down operations to wait on sand. With the combined benefit of our systems and well-planned wellsite processes, operators have reduced time between stages to as little as 30 minutes and have seen up to a 50% increase in the number of stages pumped per day when compared to traditional sand handling methods. 

Real-time Monitoring

Increase uptime with real-time consumption rates and full visibility of inventory levels at each silo with belt scales and Solaris Lens® inventory management software, that can be viewed both at the wellsite and remotely via any browser or the Solaris Lens® mobile app.

Automated Control

Increase safety and efficiency with AutoHopper Automated Sand Delivery by automatically controlling the pace of sand delivery from silos to blender with artificial intelligence technology, preventing spillage and removing personnel from high-exposure area.    

Fluid Management Systems Integration

Integrate proppant with water and chemical storage systems to increase efficiency and eliminate risks compared to discrete, conventional storage methods, and keep your operations running non-stop.

HS&E Benefits 

Our systems are equipped with filtration technology on top of each silo, which filters and collects dust, automatically returning it back into the silo. Ultimately, it is pumped downhole so that silica waste is not disposed separately. We also equip each system with industrial grade LED lighting system that points directly downward, which creates a safer work environment during 24-hour operations, eliminates the need for additional lighting on site and reduces light pollution visible in surrounding communities.