Redefine Storage

Maximize the value of your footprint and increase your proppant storage capacity with Solaris’ all-electric, fully automated management system with advanced silica dust control technology.

Proppant Management System Features and Upgrades

Recently, Solaris invested more than $10 Million in technology improvements that increase the list of features of our systems. These upgrades include local exhaust ventilation units for enhanced dust contol, belt scales that provide real-time consumption rate and enable hot loading, automated sand delivery with AutoHopperTM and more.

  • All-Electric Design
  • 35,000 Lbs./Min Capability
  • Flexible Configuration
  • Up To 5 Million Lbs. Storage
  • Autohopper™ Automated Sand Delivery
  • Belly Dump And Pneumatic Trucks Compatible
  • Real-Time Inventory And Consumption Rate
  • Local Exhaust Ventilation Dust Control Technology

Increased Storage Capacity, Smaller Footprint

Our systems provide increased inventory capacity and control in a smaller footprint when compared to traditional storage and delivery methods and have flexible configuration depending on pad design and size. In addition to standard 6-pack, our unique design allows us to tailor its size and configuration in 625 tons (3-pack) increments to meet the specific needs of every frac job. Our 12-pack system provides 5 million pounds of proppant storage and can deliver sand at an average rate of over 35,000 pounds per minute.

Enhanced Silica Dust Control

Our systems are designed to be OSHA compliant throughout the entire proppant path at the wellsite, so you can safely operate within all silica dust regulations. From silo filtration cabinets and tarps to local exhaustion ventilation units on top of each silo and fully automated sand delivery, our technologies reduce the amount of silica dust, prevent spillage and remove personnel from high-exposure areas to provide maximum safety.

Real Time Monitoring and Automated Control

Increase uptime and perform hot loading through real-time consumption rates and full visibility of inventory levels at each silo with belt scales and Solaris Lens® Inventory Management Software. Additionally, our AutoHopperTM Automated Sand Delivery automatically controls the pace of sand delivery from silos to blender with artificial intelligence technology, increasing operational safety and efficiency.

Proppant System Overview

Rig Up, Rig Down

In less than three hours, the entire six-silo system is erected and ready to load with proppant.

5-Million-Pound Configuration

Solaris Oilfield's 12-silo system at work during a "zipper frac" in the Permian Basin.
Our 12-silo system at work during a "zipper frac" in the Permian Basin. Learn More