Redefine Loading

Revolutionize sand delivery with a new, faster alternative to sand loading at the wellsite. With increased payload and faster unloading, Solaris’ Top Fill Sand Loading System increases truck utilization, turn rate and supply-chain reliability through multiple trucking options, resulting in lower cost per ton, reduced carbon footprint and higher logistics efficiency.

Top Fill Features

  • Unloads 54,000 Lbs. in Less Than 5 Minutes 
  • Vertical Design 
  • Flexible Placement
  • Fewer Drivers Required
  • Higher Truck Utilization 
  • 400 Tons/Hour Truck Offload Rate 
  • Allows Use Of Belly Dump And Pneumatic Trucks


Increased Payload 

Get more sand delivered and stored at your wellsite to ensure your operation never stops. By using belly dump trucks and their increased payload capacity, Solaris’ Top Fill reduces the number of truckloads up to 30%, mitigating HSE hazards of heavy vehicles at the wellsite and improving ESG metrics via reduced carbon footprint. 

Faster Unloading 

With a truck offload rate of 400 tons per hour (13,300 lbs./ min), Top Fill unloads a 54,000 lbs. truck in less than 5 minutes. Combined with its increased payload capacity, this results in higher truck utilization and turn rate, which means better logistics efficiency through lower cost per ton. 

More Trucking Options

Transportation issues and truck shortages are common challenges to oilfield operations. Top Fill increases your loading options, allowing use of both belly dump and pneumatic trucks that can work individually or simultaneously at the wellsite, increasing your supply-chain reliability. Plus, it utilizes the same permit load dimensions to our silo transport trailer. 

Footprint Optimization

Top Fill’s vertical design and bucket elevator technology requires minimal footprint and can be positioned along the sides or at the end of the silos for greatest flexibility based on wellsite dimensions.