Last Mile Management

Proppant Delivered on Time and on Budget

Solaris has managed thousands of sand deliveries through its bundled Last Mile service offering. Our recent Last Mile jobs have integrated all our latest technology, including our non-pneumatic kit, which enables us to receive both belly dump and pneumatic trucks. With the combination of reliable equipment, service quality and the visibility provided by our last mile software (Solaris Lens™), we have been able to significantly reduce trucking demurrage and non-productive time related to Solaris equipment or waiting on sand.

Last Mile Visibility

Our Solaris Lens software (formerly known as PropView) provides a comprehensive dashboard that displays real-time inventory updates at every step of the supply chain – from mine to wellhead. This dashboard is both web and app based and can be used as a tool by our customers to manage their own last mile, or we can also use it to offer bundled last mile services for our customers.