Our company’s success is dependent on our employees and the communities where we live and work. Solaris promotes a culture of safety, innovation and diversity. We strive to provide a workplace where every person feels safe, valued as part of the team and enabled to succeed. We also believe in giving back to our communities at the local level and actively partner with the communities where we live and work.

Our Values

At Solaris, we aim to be first in service and innovation, and achieving this goal is only possible when every employee abides by our core values.  

At Solaris, our fundamental policy is to act with honesty and integrity. Our core values encourage employees to be entrepreneurial, safe, act as part of team without ego, and take ownership of not just our tasks but also our mistakes, so that we can all learn and grow from them. Every employee receives a copy of our core values and is encouraged to refer to them often.

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Employees and Workplace Diversity

Solaris believes that diversity of thought and backgrounds drives enhanced decision making and execution for the business. We are proud of the diversity of our workforce and promote inclusion at all levels of our organization, especially in light of the historical lack of diversity in the oil and gas sector.

Female Employee Representation
In 2019, women represented approximately 29% of our organization. From 2018 to 2019, we doubled our percentage of female supervisors and increased our percentage of female professionals. Female representation is important to us. Our Chief Administrative Officer, Cindy Durrett is active in the 2020 Women on Boards and served as a coach during their Global Conversation on Board Diversity.

Minority Employee Representation
We pride ourselves in our diverse team. In 2019, minorities represented 51% of our organization. From 2018 to 2019, we improved our minority representation in both professional and managerial positions

Veteran Employee Representation
We are proud that 16% of our workforce consists of veterans of the United States armed forces.

Our Communities

Solaris believes in giving back to the communities in which it operates. By contributing resources, getting our employees involved and impacting our younger generations, we hope to build a better tomorrow.

Community Involvement
Our company headquarter in Houston, Texas, actively support local police-sponsored charities and efforts such as Blue Santa and anti-gang task forces. In Early, Texas, where our manufacturing facility is located, we sponsor city events through the Early Chamber of Commerce, local rodeo, and local schools and youth organizations. We hold a seat on the board of Early’s Chamber of Commerce, and we actively engage with the local community.

Internship Program
At Solaris, we provide students a unique opportunity to gain exposure to the highly specialized oil and gas industry. The internship seeks to bring to the forefront the career relevancy of each participant’s academic pursuits and potentially impact their professional focus. We are proud to have had internship participants across multiple disciplines and to have taken part in their growth.

Industry Engagement
Solaris is a member and active participant in the Petroleum Equipment & Services Association (PESA). We send many of our managers through PESA leadership and other training to develop skills needed to excel in today’s workplace. We also participate on PESA’s advisory board, mentorship program and ESG committee, which helps provide tools for other member companies, both public and private, to develop their own ESG programs.

Labor Policies

Solaris’s fundamental policy is to conduct its business with honesty and integrity in accordance with the highest legal and ethical standards. Solaris and its directors, officers and employees must comply with all applicable legal requirements of the United States and each other country in which Solaris conducts business.

Freedom of Association
Solaris recognizes the rights of employees to engaged in “concerted activity”, namely the right to join associations and choose representative organizations for the purpose of engaging in collective bargaining consistent with the rules and regulations promulgated by the NLRB and other governing authorities.

Forced Labor Policy
Solaris prohibits the use or contracting of any form of forced labor or human trafficking. We recruit employees and provide working conditions, such as the payment of wages and benefits, that comply with applicable laws and regulations.

Workplace Discrimination
Solaris’ policy is to provide a work environment free from all forms of unlawful discrimination, harassment and retaliation. All new employees must sign our anti-harassment policy, which outlines our zero-tolerance stance on all forms of harassment and discrimination.

Indigenous Peoples Policy
Solaris respects the identities, unique history and diversity of cultures of indigenous peoples. We respect the legal and constitutional rights of indigenous peoples and work collaboratively with indigenous peoples when providing goods or services implicating their lands and territories.

Child Labor Policy
Solaris prohibits the use of any child labor in our workforce that would constitute a violation of the Fair Labor Standards Act. All employees are at or above the legal employment age as required by law.