Formed in 2014, Solaris Oilfield Infrastructure redefines wellsite performance and sets new standards for the oil and gas industry by safely lowering customer cost through automation, innovation and quality. We are a forward-thinking, growth-oriented company that engages in long-term planning for solutions that will deliver results year after year.

Our proprietary technologies include Solaris Management Systems for proppant and fluids, AutoBlend™ Integrated Electric Blender, Top Fill Sand Loading System, AutoHopper™ Automated Sand Delivery and Solaris Lens®​ Inventory Management Software. Combined with customer-centric field services and turnkey last mile logistics, our systems lower completion times and costs by increasing and automating storage capacity, optimize footprint and decrease truck demurrage and number of trucks on the road.

We manufacture all Solaris equipment at our 100,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Early, Texas, and we operate across all major U.S. shale plays delivering results and tangible values to our customers.