Solaris Oilfield Infrastructure was formed in 2014 to provide innovative and cost-effective oilfield products, services and infrastructure to enhance drilling, completions, efficiency and safety in North American shale plays.

Oil and gas development has entered a new stage of evolution. Enhanced multi-wellpad drilling and batch completion techniques have stressed an outdated supply chain, placing a new premium on operational efficiencies and supply chain management for premier operators and service companies. Solaris designs patented products and provides services to improve our customers’ proppant supply chain. As operators drill longer laterals and pump more proppant per lateral foot, we stand ready with patented oilfield technologies to lead the big frac for our customers.

Our patented oilfield technologies include the Solaris Mobile Proppant Management System, which we designed to lower completion times and costs by increasing proppant storage capacity and decreasing truck demurrage on well sites. The Mobile Proppant Management System also reflects our commitment to safety and responsible citizenship. We tailor all of our products and services to improve safety during operations. Our sand storage systems feature a closed-loop delivery system, which significantly reduces the presence of free-floating silica dust at well sites and transload facilities, improving air quality during operations.

We manufacture all Solaris equipment at our 100,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Early, Texas. The Solaris team is focused on providing high quality and reliable infrastructure for our customers with the goal of delivering innovative solutions to the oilfield. We operate our Mobile Proppant Management Systems across all major U.S. shale plays, including the Permian, Eagle Ford, Marcellus/Utica, Haynesville and the STACK/SCOOP formations.